13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5-8, 2024

ICP/RF Plasma Torches
APT, LLC is the only supplier who suggests low to high pressure (from several Torr to 7 bar) Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) torches also named as Radio Frequency (RF) with power in plasma from 15 kW to 500 kW for over 10,000 hours non-stop operation. Click HERE to see RF torch in operation. These devices could be the key elements of the most advanced waste processing, coal, sewage sludge, and biomass gasification, fuel reformation, plasma chemical, metallurgical, coating, heating, melting, cleaning, and other systems, enable synthesis of new materials, including isotopes, nano-powders, and nano-tubes, provide fuel flexibility to SOFC based systems.

The ICP/RF torches will be the basic elements of the future high power thrusters for deep space missions. The plasma gas flexibility makes almost any available interplanetary gas work as a propellent. This flexibility will booster ICP/RF plasma application for a wide range of the planetary life support systems.

Patented high power RF torches with triple vortex plasma stabilization (US Patents 7,452,513 B2, 7,955,567 B2, and several patents pending) provide unique efficiency both thermal and electrical, generate pure plasma with temperature up to 12,000 C completely free of contamination from the electrodes erosion, and have almost endless lifetime.
RF torches with remote discharge initiation can be combined with the nozzles, swirleres, and multi-stage downstream reverse vortex reactors for high effective plasma mixing with different reagents, including gases, liquids, and solids, and further "cold wall" operation. See photograph of a 500 kW multi-purpose atmospheric pressure torch with water cooled extension nozzle on the right.

The first plasma systems powered by two types of power supplies - "INTEGRATED" and "MODULAR" became commercially available from January 2012. See the first sold and commissioned INTEGRATED type power supply with up to 30 kW in high pressure plasma (equivalent to 60 kW rated analogues) on the right photograph. It has dimensions 83" (H) x 30" (W) x 42" (D). Control system provides remote plasma initiation, multi-gas operation, frequency stabilization, real plasma power regulation, monitors and indicates critical parameters, allows operation modes programming, remote and computer controlled operation. Torch is connected to the power supply by a 3 m length cable for more operational flexibility. The MODULAR type power supply and commercially available system for contaminated liquids destruction, including sewage sludge, based on 50 kW torch coupled with a multi-stage reactor are shown below.

During one of high pressure tests on 14th August, 2013 we have observed very interesting phenomenon of sustainable two-zone plasma existence. As one can see on the right photograph the upper zone is bright argon plasma and the lower green one is the nitrogen plasma.

On high demand is the elevated pressure system APT-100 (higher power option APT-125) for nano-structured materials production. Its general view is provided below. The system includes a two-modular power supply with coaxial cable for more connection flexibility, capacitor bank with a 50 kW power output high-pressure torch mounted on top of a high pressure reactor. A multi-gas control system, integrated or autonomous, supplies optionally. Click HERE to download detailed specification on all APT-100 modifications.

See our news for pictures and click HERE to download detailed specification on more powerful APT-200 for the powders treatment, high-concentration NOx production, testing thermal protection materials, synthesis of nano tubes, to name a few.

Under development are APT-500 and APT-700 products based on the solid state frequency converters to improve plasma generation efficiency. All have advanced control systems to allow unmanned remote operation, integration into any customer plant management system, controls through Wi-Fi.

Our new horizon is creation of the world's first RF plasma hub at the APT new facility in Marshall, VA 20115. The Phase 1 construction is over. It includes 4,000 sq. ft. of the test bays for simultaneous operation of three plasma systems with power from 100 kW to 1 MW. Any interested customer can lease both plasma torches and test cells, get support from our specialists, CFD modeling group, designers and on-site prototyping machine shop.


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