13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies
Tentative date - September 7 - 11, 2022

Dr. Igor Matveev, President Applied Plasma Technologies, Corp. (APT) is an American research and development company with headquarters in McLean, production and test facilities in Springfield, VA (Washington, D.C. area), USA.

Company was created in 2003 on the basis of intellectual property of its co-founder Dr. Igor Matveev. Dr. Matveev is the world renown specialist with 40+ years of experience in the field of plasma ignition, combustion and gasification R&D, marketing, and organization of mass production of innovative products.

APT provides customers complete range of services from idea to prototyping, production and worldwide maintenance.

Our leading staff has accumulated over two centuries of intensive experience in development and manufacturing of plasma assisted combustion systems for marine, industrial and aircraft gas turbines, plasma generation and diagnostics.

We were the first in the world who developed and started production of plasma ignition systems and equipped over 15 types of gas turbines to improve their reliability and safety. Our plasma fuel nozzle became a prototype for the fifth generation fighter.

Starting from 1989 we conducted high altitude tests on three types of aircraft engines and proved unbeatable advantages of new technology for security and reliability improvement of flights.

Our Transient Arc Plasma Torch is a real break-through in plasma technologies with power up to 1 kW, which could provide dramatically extended lifetime of electrodes and wider range of operating parameters.

The most recent and significant development of APT is the next generation ICP/RF plasma torches for elevated pressure operation on a variety of plasma gases with virtually unlimited lifetime and power from 30 kW to 200 kW. That is a dream plasma source for such technologies as waste-, sewage-, bio-mass-, and coal gasification, surface modifications, new materials synthesis, as boron nitride nano-tubes, powders treatment, NOx production to name a few.

APT has over 5,000 square feet of office, production and test facilities, 800 kW power input, unique diagnostic equipment, and top plasma specialists for development and comprehensive tests of any plasma product. To cover growing demand on our products, we purchased a 5 acre parcel of industrial land and plan to build over 20,000 sq. ft. of mainly prototyping and test space with 3,000 A electric service by May-June 2022.

Applied Plasma Technologies

1729 Court Petit
McLean, VA 22101

Phone: 703-560-9569
Fax: 703-849-8417