13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5-8, 2024

Plasma Fuel Nozzle
Plasma Fuel Nozzle (PFN) as a combination of a cross-flow fuel atomizer and recently developed Transient Arc Plasmatron (TAP) provides super-fine fuel atomizing, low power ignition, partial oxidation and continuous (thousands of hours) flame control of two and more fuels simultaneously, including solid fuels. TAP has a unique opportunity to operate on both thermal and non-thermal plasma generation modes from 50W to 1.5kW power level, from 1 bar to 20+ bar pressure, and near zero NOx regimes. Innovative approach for reliable ignition at any ambient conditions, including high altitude starts, smooth regulation of combustion process equivalence ratio, rotor inlet temperature and engine power, opportunity to exclude lean flame outs, utilize low-Btu gaseous and liquid fuels, including water containing fuels and crude glycerol, products of solid waste destruction, etc. Could be used for salted water evaporation, hazardous liquids treatment, production of liquid fertilizers, and other applications. It's the most attractive, portable, flexible, energy effective and environmentally friendly plasma technology for future gas turbines, boilers, furnaces, reformers and other applications.
PFN operation with propane feeding at 150W non-thermal plasma mode

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