13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024

Plasma Pilot Burner

Plasma Pilot Burner is our bestseller plasma product with hundreds in operation in the US, Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, the Ukraine, Singapore. This is an innovative 2 in 1 device combining short ignition and longer flame support modes. Plasma plume power could vary from 10 W to 400 W if only plasma is involved and up to 50 kW for the cases of using air and combustible gas. It can operate thousands of hours on variety of plasma gases such as air, nitrogen, Ar, He, water steam,†air + methane, air + propane, nitrogen + methane, nitrogen + hydrogen, Ar + CF4 and other mixtures (click here to see Pilot in operation on air + methane mixture with only 150 W electric power consumption). In the Near Zero NOx toxicity mode Plasma Pilot could utilize water steam and steam + fuel mixture. Based on innovative Transient Arc Technology it works in a wide range of pressure differential (from 250 Pa = 25 mm of water column to 0.5 MPa), in high pressure (up to 3 MPa) and high temperature (up to 800C) ambient environment, does not require cooling, has no lean flame outs, no soot formation inside the arc chamber even in case of heavy liquid fuel feeding. It could be easily combined with any fuel atomizer, burner or reagents feeder. Our recent designs employ atomizers with porous elements to get fuel droplets diameter less than 10 microns. Programmable multi-channel power sources could feed any number of simultaneously operating Plasma Pilots. Near zero NOx toxicity Plasma Pilot Burner could provide a perfect solution for DLE technologies and super-lean mixture flame holding. Shown Plasma Pilot has major dimensions of conventional spark plug and thread size from M10 to M20.


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