13th International Conference
Plasma Assisted Technologies

September 5 - 8, 2024

Coal and Waste Gasification
APT suggests innovative coal and waste gasification technologies enabled by recently developed product line of a new generation of highly efficient and high power ICP/Hybrid torches with almost endless lifetime (see Plasma Torches page).

In the field of coal gasification we are focused on two main directions: (1) development of the coal partial gasification modules for produced synthesis gas injection into the coal fired boilers for ignition, flame control, and emissions reduction – so called boiler retrofit program, and (2) engineering of the small to mid-size mobile modules for 100% coal conversion into synthesis gas with further clean power generation, hydrogen or synthetic liquid fuel production, etc. These modules with thermal energy output from 100 kW to 10-15 MW according to provided below flow diagram could operate with almost any in-situ solid fuel feedstock from lignite to scrap tires, generate variable syngas composition, including COx-free, depending on operation mode and oxidant, and provide customers with hot water, steam, electricity, hydrogen, liquid fuel, and synthesis gas.

Our efforts in waste processing are also based on the new hybrid/ICP torches application combined with oxygen gasification process and further catalytic synthesis gas treatment for higher hydrogen yield.

Because of technical complicity, need in extraordinary scientific and engineering solutions, high power and resources consumption we very welcome all interested in cooperation parties, including industry, government and investors. Practically all our projects are open and international, what helps us to use great potential of the world’s best scientists and engineers.

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